Frequently Asked Questions

We want to book, what’s next?

I will create a custom collection based on your selection, issue an invoice for the retainer fee ($1000) to hold and officially book your date, followed by a contract that you may sign electronically. 

You will also gain access to your very own online client portal where you can see all of our emails, invoices, and questionnaires all in one place. In the months leading up to your wedding day, I will get to know you and work with you and your other vendors to ensure we make the most of your selected wedding day coverage, which will help me create a film that is uniquely you!

What is your approach on the wedding day?

Genuine moments are what I live for. I want to capture you being you. There is a very candid approach to my films. I don’t do much posing or styling throughout the day. I want your film to be genuine to the two of you. Any instruction given will be taken in light of being authentic, not posed. I also try to be as unobtrusive as possible and not a distraction to you our your guests so that you can enjoy your day!

I treasure good dialogue. Sometimes it’s the personal vows, sometimes it’s the lack of words when you see each other for the first time. Maybe it’s a memory your maid of honor includes in her speech. Audio is a vital part of your film and I will use mics and recording equipment to capture high quality audio of all key moments throughout the day.

I have no idea what I want or need!

Don’t worry! Let’s get your date reserved with by putting down the deposit and signing the agreement. You can always add on features in the months leading up to your wedding or up to a year after. I’d be happy to walk you through your options as well so that we can create a wedding day package that works for you.

Do we need two videographers?

I believe that the experience I have in weddings allows me to capture many of the important moments. Additional shooters, then, allows more moments to be captured and another perspective angle which also allows me the opportunity to be more creative during the wedding day and in the editing process. Also, sometimes your day and schedule neccesitates more than a single person. Is your wedding going to be in a large church with strict policies? Will the bride and groom be getting ready in completely different locations? Are there elements during the day that will happen simultaneously? These are some things to think about as you decide.

What is a highlight and what about all that other stuff?

A highlight film is what you will watch thousands of times and share with everyone you know (and many you don’t know). It’s your love story; it’s the culmination of your lives now coming together as one. The highlight film has the ability to take you back to that day and allows you to relive all the emotion and feelings you had.    I understand the ceremony, toasts/speeches and other moments throughout the day are important keepsakes you might like captured. I offer edits that include full versions of the ceremony, toasts/speeches and other long edits. These are perfect to watch on your anniversaries and for sharing with those close to you. You can add any of these edits at any time- even after the wedding.

Can we choose the music in our film?

Music is a HUGE part of the emotional connection with your film. I’m very particular as I choose the track(s). Each selection I make is based off of our conversations and my attentive ear to the music used during your day. All my previous clients have trusted me in this process and I’ve never had anyone not love their film due to music choice. I only use legally licensable music. Do you have a specific request? Let’s talk and I can take that into account as I craft your film.


“Working with Emelie was such a breeze as she stayed connected with me throughout my wedding process, she answered all my questions within a timely manner and was willing to work with me on different things.

Wedding day came and went and it was perfect! FACT: I cried more the day after than I did the day of the wedding and a large part was due the the wedding trailer we received 24 hours after our big day! I was able to witness first hand how much creativity, thought and effort went into her work! The videos only got better and better after the trailer! I am now able to see moments that I was not present for or moments I can’t remember!

It’s a blessing to relive a moment in time that is easily considered the BEST day of my life! These videos are things I will cherish for the rest of my life and I owe it all to Emelie and her team! I will always recommend her, because I hole heartedly believe she loves what she does and it shows!”

– McKenzie Randolph




 Wedding Collections



The All-Inclusive Heirloom

9 min wedding film
Social media teaser
Up to 12 hours of coverage
2 videographers
Full Ceremony
Keepsake Documentary Film


The Custom Keepsake

6 min wedding film
8 hours of coverage
2 videographers
Social media teaser

A la carte items available to completely customize a package that fits your needs


Short & Sweet

Elopement Package

3 min wedding film
5 hours of coverage
1 videographer



“I’d always heard from married couples that their biggest regret was not hiring a wedding videographer, but I was never quite convinced. All that changed when I saw my wedding photographer post an Instagram story about working together with Emelie on a wedding. It was important to me that our vendors work well as a team, so I looked into Emelie’s work and was sold. We knew if our film ended up being anything like the ones on Emelie’s website, it would be well worth the investment!”

-Chelsea Smock